Information in English

Information in English

Wellcome to Castra steel Sweden.

If you have come this far, you will soon be able to order steel and other usefull stuff as a blacksmith. So far, Castra steel have the best prices in the nordic market, and customer both inside and outside Europe choose Castra steel as there number one supplier of knife steel. So I’m very happy that you find your way here.

I’m building this webbshop by myself to keep the cost down, and the work is still going on. I hope to implement diffrent currencies and at least one more language on the site soon.

On this side I will also put a price list with prices in euro, and make it possible to make orders via email for those who wish.

So ceep your eyes open and check this site for updates. Until the multilingual feature is set up, please sent me an email if you have dificulties to make an order. 

Best regards. Peter 

Last updated 2020-04-30

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